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Max Designs combines web design & marketing expertise - creating a unique and profitable virtual dimension to your business.

Let us talk about how the Web can help you. Here's what will happen when you contact us.
We will ask you what you want the Web site to accomplish. To make sales over the net? To present your credentials or create brand awareness? To provide information to your customers or clients?
We will discuss your success strategy, what your competition is doing and gather a profile of your target Web site viewer to help size and scope the Web site project.
We will answer your questions about us and tell you how we think the Web can help you. If we like each other, a written proposal will be e-mailed with our quotation and what we believe the associated and future costs will be for maintaining and promoting the Web site.
Even if you don't accept our proposal you will have learned a lot about what a well designed Web site can do for you.
Make your advertising budget work for you. While others are using traditional sales advertising ideas why don't you step ahead to use this new marketing concept and gain a larger share of your competitor's market place.
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Why don't stats work all the time?
Sometimes you will try to access the stats page and get nothing or it takes forever to generate, this is because the stats program is a third-party freeware app called AWStats, it reads the log-file in real-time.  Some of you have sites with very high volume of traffic or at least of a lot of internal traffic from an initial hit, each item is logged, each image accessed is logged making the log files VERY big (we found one for 7 days worth of activity at 30mb and we have one customer who generates 650mb worth of log per month).  This is too big to process in real-time and causes a time-out.  Our only option is to remove real-time stats and generate them once per week/month in a batch.  If you have any suggestions please let us know.

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